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Danger in Cambodia? 12/9/2013 10:50:00 PM

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Welcome to Medicorps Website

  • Medicorps empowers through knowledge
  • Medicorps heals through training
  • Medicorps connects through professional friendship
  • Medicorps builds bridges between poor and rich
Our Operation
  • volunteer programs

    Explore global health-care through Medicorps’ volunteer programs, learn, train, share, grow and enjoy the riches of other cultures! Medicorps is a leader in medical volunteering through modern and effective concepts of training. With Medicorps medical practitioners, medical residents, medical students in all fields of health care will experience the medical environment of developing countries intimately under the guidance of local physicians.
  • Medicorps

    Medicorps aims to assist disadvantaged countries through transfer of medical technology and specialty skills. Medicorps assists industrialized nations by making medical volunteers understand the real health care needs of the poorer parts of the world.
  • What is Medicorps?

    Medicorps is an international volunteer organization which aims to improve health care in disadvantaged countries and to reduce poverty – regardless of political, radical or religious circumstances. It promotes well being through transfer of technology and advanced skills. More than 60 highly trained specialists volunteer as consultants for its network. Since Medicorps’ founding in 1984, the organisation has been engaged in a minimum of 4 humanitarian missions per year in 12 different countries and addressed several humanitarian emergencies involving large populations.